ZUMA Press Pictures of the Day, Feb 28 Featured Photo

NHL Photographer ZUMA Pictures of the Day

David Drufke's photo featured on ZUMA Press Pictures of the Day, © 2012 ZumaPress.com

After surfing Scott Kelby’s blog this morning, he had a post about his hockey pictures being featured on the ZUMA Press Pictures of the Day.  If you click through to his site, you’ll see he was very excited at the honor, so I checked ZUMA’s POD site and saw I also had a photo from my last hockey game featured as one of the photos of the day on Feb. 26th.

This is a much bigger deal than my previous Southcreek Global Media Photos.  It means, not only is the photo one of the best of day among Southcreek’s pool of photographers, but also one of the best of the other 60+ photo agencies, 100+ newspapers, and 3,000+ photographers as well.  It’s a pretty cool start to my day as I get ready for tonight’s hockey game.



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